Exciting updates to our Discord integration

Product update

Our focus is to continue making Memberful simple for you and your members to use, and easy to integrate with all the best-in-class third-party services. With that in mind, here are some exciting updates we’ve made to our Discord integration!

How we’ve made things easier for your members

Once enabled in the Plan Settings, members will now see a link to connect to Discord right after checkout, reducing any friction with accessing your server. They can also see it at any time, if they're eligible, from the menu in their account. (As a bonus, we’ve also added the auth link to their payment receipt!)

Product update to our Discord redirect

Product update to our Discord linking

How we’ve made things easier for you

You can now view and edit your Discord integration at any time, making it simple to update roles and access settings. Plus, our bot is now capable of handling common errors that used to disconnect the integration. We also display role errors in the dashboard so you can fix issues proactively.

Edit Discord settings

Head over to Settings → Integrate → Services, and edit your Discord integration to check out the new setup!

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