More handy improvements to Memberful posts


Last month, we released a few exciting enhancements to our posts feature. This month, we’re keeping the momentum going with another batch of handy improvements to make publishing and scheduling posts a more seamless experience.

But first, what are posts again?

Before we dive into the updates, a quick reminder about what Memberful posts actually do: You can send newsletters directly to your paying members using posts. You can also target them to members subscribed to specific plans, schedule delivery, and publish them to the web on a Memberful-hosted site.

Want to see the member experience? Check out this demo site >

A simpler design with more delivery options

When creating a new post or editing a draft, you’ll now see a new “Delivery Options” section if either of the publishing options are enabled.

Simpler design

From there, you can now schedule posts up to a year in advance, with up to 5 posts sent or scheduled per day.

Schedule a year in advance

More control with editable publishing dates

Once a post has been published to the web, its web-publishing date becomes separately editable. If it hasn't been emailed and you choose to send it by email later, you’ll see an email-specific version of the "Delivery Options" section.

Editable publishing dates

Give it a try

All of these updates are live today. Navigate to Content > Posts in the Memberful dashboard and dive in!

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