Recurring revenue: How can it help online businesses?

What is recurring revenue

In today's digital landscape, independent publications and content creators face numerous challenges in sustaining their creative endeavors. Forecasted cash flow is one of the most useful metrics for any growing business but income can be difficult to predict, especially given the variability of digital advertising revenues.

However, recurring revenue models have provided a lifeline for these creators, offering a stable and predictable income stream. Let’s take a look at the value of recurring revenue for independent publications and digital creators, highlighting its benefits and implications for their sustainability and creative freedom.

What is recurring revenue? The shifting landscape of publishing

The internet has fundamentally transformed the publishing industry, enabling independent creators to reach a global audience with their content. However, this shift has also brought about challenges, as traditional revenue models struggle to adapt to the digital age.

Advertising revenue, once a primary income source for publications, has declined partly due to the fact that a CPM (cost per click) model means simply having advertising isn’t enough; readers need to click on the ad for it to pay out.

Secondly, in the days before the internet, you would need to pay for a newspaper or magazine to get the content you wanted. Today, so much content is free because of the internet, that income models have shifted, and many readers aren’t paying for content like they used to.

recurring revenue - landscape of publishing

In addition, nowadays, as users become increasingly frustrated with intrusive ads, they find ways to hide them with ad blocking software, leading to a significant reduction in ad impressions and revenue for publishers.

Social media platforms have become powerful content distribution channels, allowing creators to reach vast audiences. However, these platforms often prioritize user experience and engagement over monetization, making it challenging for independent creators to generate substantial revenue from their content. Enter: recurring revenue!

Recurring revenue models

Recognizing the need for sustainable revenue streams, independent creators have turned to recurring revenue models as a solution. These models encompass various strategies such as subscriptions, memberships, and patronage platforms, allowing creators to monetize their work on an ongoing (often monthly) basis.

recurring revenue models create a mutually beneficial relationship

By cultivating a loyal and engaged audience, recurring revenue models create a mutually beneficial relationship. Subscribers directly support the creators they value, and the ongoing communication between creator and community helps to create even more relevant content.


Subscriptions have gained significant popularity among independent publishers and content creators. By offering exclusive access to premium content or additional perks, often behind a paywall, creators incentivize their audience to become subscribers. Subscription revenue provides creators with a predictable and steady income stream, allowing them to plan and invest in their work more effectively.


Memberships, on the other hand, offer a sense of belonging and community for subscribers. Creators often provide additional benefits such as forums like Discord, private groups, or direct interaction opportunities, which foster engagement and strengthen the bond between creators and their audience.

Memberships not only provide recurring revenue but also create a supportive ecosystem where subscribers can connect with like-minded individuals.


Patronage platforms, such as Patreon, have revolutionized the way creators connect with their audiences. These platforms enable fans to contribute a set amount of money per creation or on a monthly basis, providing creators with a consistent income stream.

In return, patrons receive exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, or personalized rewards, fostering a direct connection between creators and their most dedicated supporters.

Recurring revenue benefits for independent creators

For independent writers, podcasters and creators in general, a recurring revenue can be a lifeline to predictable income: knowing that a certain amount of money is coming in regularly and can be put towards paying the bills makes a huge difference. This in turn allows creative freedom and thinking space so you can do your best work!

Stability and predictability

Recurring revenue models offer stability and predictability by providing a consistent income stream. This financial security allows creators to plan for the long term, invest in their craft, and explore new creative opportunities.

Unlike relying solely on one-time purchases or sporadic ad revenue, recurring revenue provides a dependable source of income, reducing the financial uncertainty that plagues independent creators.

Direct relationship with audience

By relying on recurring revenue, independent creators can establish direct relationship with their audience. Traditional revenue models often involve intermediaries, such as advertisers or distribution platforms, which can distance creators from their audience. Most social media tends to limit the interaction between publisher and community too.

Recurring revenue models eliminate these intermediaries, allowing creators to communicate directly with their supporters. This direct connection through membership fosters a sense of community, encourages feedback, and enables creators to tailor their content to meet the desires and needs of their subscribers.

Creative freedom

Traditional revenue models often impose limitations on the type of content creators can produce, as they strive to appeal to advertisers or conform to advertising guidelines. Recurring revenue models, on the other hand, grant creators the freedom to pursue their passions and experiment with innovative ideas, as they are not bound by third-party constraints.

Recurring revenue models grant creators freedom

When creators rely on their audience's direct support, they can focus on creating content that truly resonates with their subscribers, enabling them to explore niche topics, unconventional formats, or new artistic approaches that otherwise would stay ‘on the shelf’.

Recurring revenue implications for sustainability

Recurring revenue models play a vital role in the sustainability of independent publications and content creators. Unlike one-time purchases or ad-driven revenue, recurring revenue provides a dependable income source that helps creators weather fluctuations in the market. It reduces the reliance on volatile advertising revenue and grants creators greater control over their financial future.

By building a loyal subscriber base, creators can maintain a consistent revenue stream even during challenging times, allowing them to continue producing quality content without the constant pressure to seek new revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, recurring revenue models encourage creators to focus on long-term audience engagement and retention. Rather than solely chasing new subscribers or one-time customers, creators can prioritize nurturing their existing audience. This approach fosters a stronger connection, encourages loyalty, and enhances the likelihood of ongoing support.

recurring revenue models encourage focus on long-term engagement

As creators build a sustainable business model centered around recurring revenue, they can invest in improving the quality of their content, expanding their reach, and exploring new avenues for creative expression.

Creators can of course explore various avenues to diversify their income streams, such as selling merchandise, running sponsored content, or hosting ticketed events and workshops, but revenues from these approaches will fluctuate across the course of a year.

Recurring, predictable, revenue streams create a resilient financial baseline to cover (some) operating costs.

The future of independent publishing

During the pandemic in particular, there has been a shift towards people ‘putting their money where their mouth is’ when it comes to supporting creative endeavors. More individuals are recognizing the value of supporting independent publications and content creators directly – independent publishing is seeing a renaissance.

This trend fosters a more sustainable ecosystem for independent publishing and empowers creators to continue producing original and engaging content almost hand-in-hand with their membership.

recurring revenue - the future

The future holds great potential for independent creators as recurring revenue models become more prevalent and sophisticated. Technological advancements may enable creators to offer more personalized experiences, tailored content recommendations, or interactive features that deepen the connection between creators and subscribers.

Conclusion: What is recurring revenue? How does it help online businesses?

In an era where traditional revenue models for independent publications and content creators have become increasingly challenging, recurring revenue models offer a lifeline for sustainability and creative freedom. The stability, direct relationship with audiences, and financial independence that recurring revenue provides have transformed the landscape of independent publishing.

As creators continue to explore innovative ways to monetize their work and foster meaningful connections with their audience, recurring revenue models will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of independent content creation.

By embracing these models, creators can build sustainable businesses, focus on their creative vision, and cultivate communities of passionate supporters who recognize and value their work. Happy creating!

FAQs on recurring revenue for membership businesses

How does recurring revenue benefit my financial stability?

Predictable income from membership fees allows you to budget effectively, plan for growth, and invest in your business with confidence. You'll be less reliant on one-time sales and seasonal fluctuations.

Won't I lose customers with a recurring model?

Actually, recurring models often lead to higher customer retention. By providing ongoing value and building strong relationships, you incentivize members to stay.

How can I optimize my pricing to maximize profits?

Experiment with different tiers and pricing structures to find the sweet spot. Offer free trials and introductory discounts to attract new members, then transition them to regular plans.

Isn't it expensive to set up a recurring revenue model?

While there can be upfront costs for technology and marketing, the long-term benefits outweigh them. The steady income generated will quickly recoup your investment.

How can I keep members happy and engaged beyond just billing them?

Personalize communication, prioritize customer support, and actively engage your community. Create a feedback loop to continually improve your offering.

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