Manage pages

Managing pages allows you to update your content or menu navigation for your Memberful hosted site. After creating pages, our powerful editor allows you to edit them to update your content, member access settings, or the menu navigation order.

In this help doc:

View a page

Once you've published a page, it will be listed on the Pages tab.

Edit a page or navigation item

To edit your page or navigation item, click the Action button (the button with three dots) and select Edit.

Delete a page

To delete a page, navigate to Content → Pages → Action button → Edit and click Delete.

Please note: This action is not recoverable.

View your site

To view your site, navigate to the pages tab and click your site URL.

Rearrange your page order

To rearrange the order of the pages in your site's navigation, click the Menu icon (the box with three lines), drag it to your new menu location, and click Save.

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