Integrate with Webflow

Webflow is a website designing platform that gives you the power to visually build your site without a developer's help. There are lots of creative ways to use Webflow with Memberful!

Keep in mind that Webflow does not support SSO (single sign on), so it's not possible to create "members only" Webflow pages with Memberful. Your members can still sign in and manage their subscription, profile, and billing information.

In this help doc:

Interested in restricting access to certain pages on your site for members only? Host your content on a basic WordPress website and protect it with the Memberful WordPress plugin.

Insert the Memberful code

Navigate to Settings → Integrate from your Memberful dashboard. Click I’m using something else and copy the code (Cmd + C or Ctrl + C).

From your Webflow project, navigate to Project settings → Custom Code → Head Code, paste the Memberful code, and save the changes.

Webflow install

Create a Plan and purchase button

Create a Plan in your Memberful dashboard, copy the Plan purchase link (Cmd + C or Ctrl + C) and paste it in a button on your site.

Add Webflow purchase button

Now your customers can purchase a Plan directly on your Webflow website.

Customers buy on Webflow

Add an account link to your site so your members can manage their profile, subscriptions, and credit card details. Replace YOURSITE with your actual Memberful subdomain.

The account link will automatically open in the Memberful Overlay if the code is installed (see above).

You can also add a Downloads link to take members directly to their Memberful Downloads.

Need to update your website settings?

To update your website name or URL, navigate to Settings → Integrate from your Memberful dashboard.

Website settings

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