Sync with MailChimp

Navigate to Settings → Integrate → Services from your Memberful dashboard, and activate the MailChimp integration.

Go to the 'Email services' section of the settings panel

You'll be sent to the MailChimp website and asked to sign in and confirm permissions for Memberful to add to your mailing list.

Authorize Memberful to access your MailChimp account

You'll then be sent back to Memberful, where we'll ask you to confirm which list you want to sync your members to:

Choose the Mailing List to sync members to

Memberful will initially import all members who have an order. After that we'll sync members to MailChimp when they sign up, or when they update their profile.

How we keep your list up to date and synced

We automatically sync the member's active subscription plans as Mailchimp Groups. We will not remove members from the mailing list if their subscription expires. Groups give you the power to segment your list. If you want to only send to active (paying) members you'll want to use our pre-defined segments (see below) or create your own custom segment using MailChimp Groups.

If you're viewing a Memberful member in MailChimp, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the information we've synced:

MailChimp interest groups

A list of the MailChimp Groups we sync:

Send a basic campaign

To send out a newsletter in MailChimp you need to create a campaign that sends to specific members. Memberful creates four default segments for sending campaigns:

Targeting Memberful paid subscribers in MailChimp

Send a targeted campaign

If you want to get more granular, you can target members who're subscribed to specific plans. For example, you want to send different content to paying members with different subscription plans. Choose Send to a new segment and select the individual plans:

Target people who're subscribed to specific plans in Memberful

Send autoresponders

You may combine segments (see above) with MailChimp Automation to send unlimited event triggered emails.


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