Integrate with Leadpages

Leadpages helps you capture leads using their library of expertly designed landing page templates. It's easy to integrate Memberful with Leadpages and share your members-only content through a paid email newsletter or discussion forum.

Leadpages does not support SSO (single sign on), so it's not possible to create "members only" Leadpages with Memberful. Your members can still sign in and manage their subscription, profile, and billing information.

Add a purchase button

Create a plan, copy the plan purchase link (Cmd + C or Ctrl + C) and paste it in a button widget.

Leadpages button

Now your customers can purchase a plan directly on your Leadpages landing page. Since the Memberful Overlay isn't compatible with Leadpages, the purchase link will open in a new browser window. Once the purchase is complete, the customer can click the Back to site link to return to your page.

Add an Account link to your site so your members can manage their profile, subscriptions, and credit card details. Replace YOURSITE with your actual Memberful subdomain.

You can also add a Downloads link to take members directly to their Memberful Downloads.

Connect Leadpages to your WordPress site

You can use the Leadpages WordPress plugin to publish landing pages on your self-hosted, site. You can use the Memberful Wordpress plugin to sell memberships to your audience and protect WordPress content for members only. (You cannot use Memberful to restrict access to Leadpages.)

If you want to publish a Leadpages landing page on your WordPress website, and the page includes a button widget with a Memberful plan purchase link, you'll want to specify a redirect URL on the plan settings page from the Plans tab in your Memberful dashboard.

Set redirect

The Memberful purchase form will still open in a new browser window instead of the Memberful Overlay, but the member will be redirected to a page on your WordPress site (e.g. a thank you page or a members only page) instead of having to click the Back to site link.

Check out our WordPress membership site quick start guide if you want set up a membership site. And then, if you like, add Leadpages into the mix.

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