Integrate with Discord (private beta)

Discord is a free, text and voice chat app created for the video gaming community. Memberful integrates directly with Discord, making it easy to create a members-only forum for any topic or industry. Memberful will invite paid members to your Discord server and automatically remove their access once their subscription expires. The Memberful Discord integration is in private beta and only available for customers on the Pro or Premium plan.

In this help doc:

Set up your Discord server, ID, and App

  1. Open a Discord account and create a server.
  2. Right-click your server name and copy your Server ID.
  3. Navigate to Developers → Applications and set up a Discord app.
  4. Navigate to Settings → General Information and copy the Client ID and Client Secret.

    Discord Client ID and Client secret

  5. Navigate to Settings and click Bot to create a bot. Copy the Bot Token.

    Discord bot token

Contact us to set up the integration

Contact us at so we can set up the integration.

Complete your setup

  1. After we set up the integration, navigate to the Discord app settings, click Oauth2, and add your customized redirect:
    Make sure to replace YOURSITE with your actual site name.

    Discord redirects

  2. Follow this link to add the bot to your server:
    Make sure to replace CLIENT_ID with the bot’s actual Client ID.

  3. Navigate to your DiscordApp → Roles → Everyone → Create Instant Invite → Disable. If you don’t disable this setting, members will be able to invite non-members to your server.

  4. Check any other default settings you might want on your server, e.g. let members change their nickname or upload custom emojis.

  5. Navigate to Settings → Email → Configure Templates in your Memberful dashboard and enable the Discord invite template. Memberful will send this invite, on your behalf, each time a member signs up for a paid Plan.

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