Integrate with Discord

Discord is a free, text and voice chat app created for the video gaming community. Memberful integrates directly with Discord, making it easy to create a members-only forum for any topic or industry. Memberful will invite paid members to your Discord server and automatically remove their access once their subscription expires.

In this help doc:

Connect to your Discord server

Navigate to Settings → Integrate → Services from your Memberful dashboard, and activate the Discord integration.

Discord auth

Select your server from the dropdown and click Authorize. If you don't see your server you may be signed into Discord as a user that does not have admin access. If that's the case, please sign out of Discord and sign in as the admin, then follow the Activate link again.

Discord connected

That's it, you're connected! If you want new members to receive a Discord invite email when they buy a Plan, visit your email template settings and enable the Discord invite.

Discord invite

Invite existing members

Any existing member can visit the following URL to connect to the Discord server:

Don't worry about your members sharing this link: Only one Discord account can be connected per active member. So, if a member did share their account login details with a friend and connect a new Discord account, that new account would connect but the existing account would be removed.

Important note: We recommend the "owner" of a Discord server is not also a member through Memberful. An admin, no matter the level, can never remove the owner of a Discord server and this can lead to issues if the bot integration attempts to remove them.

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