Discord post-setup

Now that you’ve integrated Memberful with your Discord server, you might need to invite existing members to your server, search for a Discord user in the Memberful dashboard, or map roles to new Memberful Plans. You might also need some help troubleshooting role assignment issues. We’ve got you covered.

In this help doc:

Invite existing members

Any existing member can visit the following URL to connect to the Discord server: https://YOURSITE.memberful.com/account/discord/authorize

(Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found via Account → Account settings.)

Don't worry about your members sharing this link: Only one Discord account can be connected per active member. So if a member did share their account login details with a friend and connect a new Discord account, that new account would connect but the existing account would be removed.

Make sure that the Discord server's owner is not also a Memberful member. An admin, no matter the level, can never remove the owner of a Discord server, and this can lead to issues if the bot integration attempts to remove them.

Find a member by their Discord ID

You can search for a member by Discord ID in the Memberful dashboard. The first step is getting the user's Discord ID. If you haven't done this before, you can learn more about it here.

Another way to get your member's Discord ID is to navigate to the Members tab, and export a CSV. The Discord ID will populate in that column for members that synced their accounts.

After copying the Discord ID, paste it into our search bar. The associated member will show up as the only result. If we can't find anyone and your server is public, it means the Discord user is not a member yet.

Add new roles or change settings

After enabling the Discord integration, if you decide to change a setting or add a new Plan you'll need to disable the Discord integration within Settings → Integrate → Services, make your changes, and re-enable the entire integration. We queue the syncing process between your Discord server and your Memberful account in the background.

We recommend disabling the integration as minimally as possible since any new members won't be invited to your server for a brief period. Existing members will not lose access to their Discord roles.

Troubleshoot role assignment issues

If your members are not assigned roles as expected, or you do not see all of your roles on your Memberful configuration page, you might need to fix a couple of issues in your Discord server.

Role hierarchy

Roles in Discord follow a hierarchy based on position. Depending on its permissions, a role may be able to manage other roles that are lower in the hierarchy.

Roles with hierarchy issues

In the example above, the Memberful Bot can assign the Silver role to members, but it can't assign the Gold role. To fix this, drag the Memberful Bot role above all roles you want us to manage, and click Save Changes.

Roles without hierarchy issues

To find the Role Management section in Discord, go to Server Settings → Roles.

Bot permissions

For the integration to work correctly, we ask for the following permissions:

If you revoked any of these permissions, grant them again by going to Server Settings → Roles → Memberful Bot in your Discord server.

Member didn’t authorize the bot

Your members must open a Discord account (if they don’t already have one), and then click the authorization link in the Memberful Discord invite email to get access to the server and assigned the correct role (if applicable).

You can share the following Discord authorization URL with any member who missed the Discord invite email.


(Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found via Account → Account settings.)

You should not manually assign roles. We will remove them if you disable Memberful’s Discord integration to add new ones. If you’re having trouble with role assignment, review the tips above or contact us for help.

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