Video membership site guide

If you want to have a members-only video subscription offering on your site so you can share your passion with your audience and drive revenue for your business—you’re in the right place!

When you combine the restrict embed feature of a video hosting service like Wistia or Vimeo with Memberful and WordPress, you can create a powerful video membership site!


How to build a video membership site

  1. Set up a WordPress website.
  2. Install Memberful on your site.
  3. Choose a video hosting platform.
  4. Create your plans.
  5. Add purchase links and marketing content.
  6. Restrict access for members only.
  7. Embed videos on protected WordPress posts.
  8. Add membership account management links.
  9. Connect to Stripe.

Some terms you should be familiar with:

Set up a WordPress website

If you're new to WordPress, check out our WordPress website quick start guide.

To start, make sure you have a website with reliable, managed hosting and a great theme or a hosted website (Business Plan only!) and a great theme.

Most WordPress themes are compatible with Memberful, but we recommend the Make theme if you need a theme with a page builder or Beaver Builder if you're looking for a page builder plugin.

We also recommend using an SSL certificate on your WordPress website. Memberful signs WordPress users into your WordPress website, and if you're not using SSL, that information is less secure. All our recommended WordPress hosting providers support easy SSL certificate installation.

Sign up and install Memberful on your website

Sign up for Memberful and install the Memberful WordPress plugin on your website. Try Memberful for free for as long as you need in test payment mode.

Sign up for Memberful

You can also upgrade to the Pro plan for free in test payment mode: Navigate to Account → Plans and billing from your Memberful dashboard.

Choose a video hosting platform

A video hosting platform is the home for all your bandwidth intensive videos. Wistia and Vimeo (Vimeo PRO or Vimeo Business) are two great options. Both platforms offer plenty of customization options, HD videos, and reliable playback. They also provide you with the option to restrict video embedding to specific websites.

Follow these steps to get started with Wistia:

  1. Upload your videos to your Wistia account.
  2. Configure your Wistia account and customize your video player.
  3. (Important!) Enable domain restrictions.

Follow these steps to get started with Vimeo:

  1. Upload your videos to your Vimeo account.
  2. Customize your Vimeo video player.
  3. (Important!) Configure your Vimeo privacy settings and be sure to enable the Only on sites I choose embedding option.

Step 3 is important because it restricts the embedding of your Wistia or Vimeo videos to your domain. This ensures your members-only videos stay private.

Create your plans

Login to the Memberful dashboard, navigate to the Plans tab, and click the New Plan button. We recommend that you offer at least one monthly plan and one yearly plan.

Thinking of selling multiple plans? Learn how to set up Plan Groups.

Tip: We don’t recommend dripping content. For example, if your membership will include exactly 10 videos, create a Lifetime plan, which has a one-time fee.

Once you've installed the plugin and connected to Memberful, you'll see a Memberful: Restrict Access meta box at the bottom of every page and post. Use this box to define which plan members can access each page or post.

Add a purchase link

The editor to the right of the Memberful: Restrict Access meta box is shown to anyone without access. This is where you should add your purchase link(s) and marketing content. You could even embed a few teaser videos in this section!

Here are two options to add a purchase link to your site:

Add buy plan link

If you’re not ready to create your own plan, you can add a purchase link for our Sample Plan on any WordPress page. View the page, click the link, and checkout using our test credit card data. Then, sign in to your Memberful dashboard to view the purchase!

Restrict access for members only

In the editor above the Memberful: Restrict Access meta box, add a “thank you” message for the members who purchased the plan and let them know what to do next. Then restrict access to this message for members only via the Memberful: Restrict Access meta box.

If you want members to be redirected to a different page on your site after their purchase, you can specify a redirect URL in your plan settings.

Restrict content

Embed videos on protected WordPress posts

Now it’s time to get your videos loaded onto your website. We recommend that you embed each video as a new post.

You can add marketing text for non-members in the Memberful: Restrict Access section of each post or page.

Categorize your video posts

Create categories to organize and filter your posts. Once categorized, you can create a dropdown menu with the categories so your members can easily access your videos.

Give your members the freedom to manage their subscriptions with Memberful account links. Here are a few options:

To prevent your members from accessing your WordPress toolbar or dashboard, we recommend that you install these plugins:

To test Memberful as an end user, log out of your WordPress dashboard and sign up with a different email address than the one you use to log in to your site as a WordPress admin. You can use the + sign with your email address to create unique accounts. For example,

Connect to Stripe

Memberful starts out in test payment mode. When you’re ready to start processing orders, choose your currency and connect to your Stripe account through the Memberful dashboard: Navigate to Settings → Payment. We'll automatically purge all your test orders when you switch to live payments.

Way to go! 🎉

Now that you have a paid video membership site, it’s time to announce your offering to your loyal followers and solicit some feedback. This will get you selling right away. Then, you can slowly start adding new video posts as you go.

What's next?

Start selling memberships the easy way! 🚀 🙌 💪

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