Connect to WordPress in 2 minutes

The Memberful WordPress plugin makes it easy to sell memberships to your audience and protect content for members only—and setup takes only 2 minutes!


How to test Memberful

  1. Install the Memberful plugin.
  2. Add a Plan purchase link.
  3. Make a test purchase.

Install the Memberful WordPress plugin

Use the Memberful WordPress plugin with a self-hosted WordPress site or a site hosted with - Business Plan only.

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrate from your Memberful dashboard.
  2. Click I’m using WordPress and copy the WordPress registration key.
  3. Install and activate the Memberful plugin on your WordPress site.
  4. Navigate to Settings → Memberful, paste your registration key into the field, and click Connect to Memberful.

Add a Plan purchase link to any page or post

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to a page or post. Click the Memberful editor button in the WordPress editor and select Buy plan.

Memberful editor button in WordPress editor

Select Sample Plan from the dropdown list, add link text (e.g. Join now), and click OK. Update your page and log out of your WordPress admin dashboard.

Become a member

Make a test purchase as an end user

Access your website as an end user and click the Plan purchase link.

Plan purchase link

While in test payment mode, check out with a test credit card and any name, CVC, billing zip, and future expiration date.

Test payment mode

Make sure to sign up with a different email address than the one you use to log in to your site as a WordPress admin. You can use the + sign with your email address to create unique accounts. For example, [email protected].

Visit the Members tab in your Memberful dashboard to view your test member.

Way to go! 🎉

Now that you've integrated Memberful, it's time to build the rest of your membership site:

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