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Memberful allows you to publish members-only content via email newsletter as well as a Memberful-hosted website — no external email provider or website needed!

This powerful communication tool is automatically included with our Pro and Premium plans — no additional fees. Press send and start earning!

In this help doc:

Create a new Post

To create a new Post, navigate to the Posts tab from your Memberful dashboard and click Create a Post.

Create a Post

Add a title and content for your Post. Use the icons at the top of the content editor to format your content and add elements like links and images.

Add title and content

You can also drag and drop images from your computer into the content editor.

Drag and drop images

(Optional) Enter Focus mode while you write

To help you get into the flow of writing, we've included a Focus mode that expands the editor and minimizes distractions.

Click Focus mode to try it out!

Enter Focus mode

Preview the Post

To see a preview of what this Post will look like to your members, click Preview.

Preview button

Choose to publish via email or website

Our Posts feature is actually two features in one. It allows you to:

You can choose to deliver your Posts via email, website, or both.

Publish via email or website

Select an audience to target

Your Posts can be made available to members of all your plans, or only to members of selected plans.

Post audience target

When you choose to target only members of selected plans, you can select which plans should be included.

Post audience — select plans

If you choose to send this Post via email, this setting will determine who will receive the email.

If you choose to publish this Post to your Memberful-hosted website, this setting will determine who can visit the published page.

(Optional) Schedule the Post

You can schedule your Post to be published or sent sometime in the future. To do so, click Choose date and time and enter a date and time.

Schedule Post

Schedule Post

The timezone that is used for this can be changed by visiting AccountAccount Settings.

Account time zone

Customize your branding

If you’re on the Pro or Premium plan, your custom branding (including page background color, button color, and logo image) will be applied to your newsletter messages and published Posts.

Email Post sample Published Post sample

Learn more about customizing your branding.

Save draft or publish

If you're not ready to publish your Post but would like to save your work, click Save draft.

Save draft

Once you're happy with your Post, click the downward arrow button to display the options for sending.

Post publishing options

Before you publish the Post, you might want to send yourself a test email by clicking Send test email to see an accurate preview of what your members will see in their email inbox.

Send test email

Once you're ready to send it out, click Publish. If you're sending this as an email, you might be asked to type in the word "PUBLISH" (all uppercase) to confirm that you're sure you want to send the message.

Publish Post

You can send up to one email per day. Posts cannot be sent via email or scheduled while in Test payment mode. Connect to Stripe to enable this setting.

View your published Posts

If you've chosen to publish Posts to your Memberful-hosted website, your members can find these Posts at:

Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found in your Memberful dashboard via Account → Account settings.

Only members can see this page, so create a test member account for yourself to preview it.

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