Memberful allows you to offer a free or paid trial for any of your membership plans. These trials give people the chance to experience what it’s like to be a member in your community before taking the leap and making the full financial commitment. It’s important to keep track of how many trials are being started and which of them end up converting to paid memberships. Our Trials metric can help you explore that.

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How do trials work?

Trials are a great way to let people experience your membership program before asking them to take a bigger leap by investing in the full price of a membership. If your membership program offers a ton of value to members, trials can be a powerful tool that turns undecided prospects into happy customers!

Memberful offers two types of trials: free trials and paid trials. Free trials allow someone to try your membership program for free for a limited time (e.g. 30 days free). Paid trials are similar, but the member does have to pay a price to start the trial, usually a much lower price (e.g. $1 for 30 days).

With free trials, you can choose whether to require a credit card or not. If you don’t require a credit card, the member will be reminded to add a card one week before the trial ends. If you do require a credit card, we won’t need to get them to enter a credit card during the trial, they’ll simply be reminded that their trial is coming to an end and they will be charged. Learn how to customize these notifications.

The Trials metric shows you valuable data you can use to ensure that your trials are converting as many trial members as possible into paying members.

What counts as a trial?

Here’s how we track trials:

When a member starts a free or paid trial
  If it's for a recurring plan
  The number of trials is increased

Trials for one-time payment plans are not included in the Trial metrics since these are meant to help you assess the long-term health of your business, which comes from recurring subscriptions.

Here’s how we track trial conversions:

When a member on a free or paid trial starts paying for any recurring plan
  The number of trial conversions is increased
  And the trial conversion rate is increased

Trial conversions are counted regardless of which plan the member buys. For example, if a member begins a trial for Plan A and at the end of the trial they purchase Plan B instead, this will be counted as a trial conversion.

We calculate the metrics for the day before at midnight UTC. Today's metrics will only be available at midnight UTC.

How are trials tracked?

Memberful tracks trial activities into five key segments and an indicator:

How do I learn more about trials?

Navigate to Analytics → Metrics → Trials in your Memberful dashboard.

The Trials graph will show data across previous months (including the current, partially complete month), defaulting to the last 12 months. You can also show the last 3 months or the last 6 months, and advance or rewind the current view of months.

Trials graph

Hover over any column in the chart to see a breakdown of trial activity during that month.

Trials graph with tooltip

Underneath the graph, we display the same data on a table, showing individual data segments by calendar month.

Trials table

Click any of the numbers in the table to see a detailed view of each member making up that number. You can also export the list.

Trials detail

There is no Plan comparison view for trials since trial conversions aren’t attributed to specific plans — this metric counts trial conversions to any paid plan.

How should I use this metric?

The number of new trials that were started in a given month can be helpful to monitor the performance of your marketing initiatives.

However, the most important indicator for Trials is the trial conversion rate. This metric shows how many members are choosing to continue with a recurring subscription after going through one of your trials. You’ll want this number to be as high as possible.

A low trial conversion rate typically could indicate one of three things:

How do I increase my trial conversion rate?

Add valuable benefits to your membership

Make sure your membership is offering benefits that are highly valuable to your target audience (whether they’re paying or on a trial).

Pay special attention to members on a trial

Make sure your trial members are getting a TON of value during the trial. Even if your core membership offering is great, you’ll want to pay extra attention to members who are on a trial as this is a crucial period that will define whether they become regular subscribers or not.

Find the right pricing and billing frequency

If your pricing is deemed too high by your trial members, they won’t convert to recurring members even if your membership delivers a ton of value. Billing frequency is another factor that can affect how your pricing is perceived.

Attract the right target audience

When you’re offering a low-barrier-to-entry product like a free trial or a paid trial with a low price, it’s possible to get many registrations from folks that don’t belong to your target audience. In your marketing efforts, fine-tune your targeting to attract the right kinds of people to your trial. Trials should ideally attract the same kind of person that would buy your paid memberships; you’re just giving them an easier way to try out the membership.

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