Manage your account — Plans and billing

Once you’ve connected your Stripe account, you’ll see three new tabs in the Account page which will allow you to pick your Memberful plan, manage your billing information if you’re subscribed to Pro or Premium, and check the status of your connection to Stripe.

In this help doc:

Choose a Memberful plan

Memberful offers 3 plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium. All Memberful plans are free forever while you're in test mode. Learn more about Memberful plans and pricing.

To change Memberful plans once Stripe is connected, navigate to Account → Plans, and select a plan.

Choose a Memberful plan

Add or update your payment method

To add or update the payment method you use to pay for your Pro or Premium Memberful plan, navigate to Account → Billing, and click Add payment method or Change payment method.

Payment method

Add or update your billing address

To add or update the billing address for your payment method, navigate to Account → Billing, and click Add address or Edit address.

Billing address

Manage your Memberful receipts

We keep a historical record of all your past receipts for the Pro or Premium plan subscription.

To access your past receipts, navigate to Account → Billing.

Memberful receipts

Check your connection to Stripe

Once you’ve connected Stripe to your Memberful account, you can check the status of this connection by navigating to Account → Payouts.

Check Stripe connection

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