WordPress hosting providers

You're running a business on your WordPress website, so it's important you have reliable managed hosting.

In this help doc:

Choose a hosting provider

These are the WordPress hosting providers we would recommend for use with Memberful (in alphabetical order):

We do NOT have referral relationships with any these hosting providers. We recommend them from experience only.

Hosting with Bluehost or GoDaddy? Please contact us.

After you choose a WordPress host, we strongly recommend enabling SSL on your WordPress website. All of our recommended hosting providers have easy installation and support for SSL.

Redirects not working?

We set a cookie that redirects members back to the page they were on (or somewhere else) after they sign in. Some hosting providers will ignore these cookies by default and still serve the page from the cache. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to add a custom cache exception for Memberful (exclude memberful_endpoint=.* from the cache).

If you're hosting with Flywheel, ask them to whitelist ?memberful_endpoint and add memberful_endpoint as a cookie-keeping path.

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