Protect WordPress content

Once the you've installed the plugin and connected to Memberful you'll see a Memberful: Restrict Access meta box whenever you are editing a page or a post in WordPress.

Protect content with WordPress

To protect WordPress content select a plan or download from the list, enter some marketing content in the editor next to it, and save the post. If a member is subscribed to that plan, or owns the download, and they are logged in, they will see the post. If they aren't subscribed, or do not own the download, or they aren't logged in, they'll see the marketing content.

Keep in mind, you may also select multiple plans and downloads. If a member owns any of the downloads or plans you select, they will have access to the page or post.

Marketing within unprotected content

If you need to include marketing material in your unprotected (free) content, but want it to be hidden to customers who've already paid, then you can use shortcodes to manually protect WordPress content.

[memberful does_not_have_subscription_to="154-big-awesome"]

  Shown to users who aren't subscribed the "Big Awesome" plan



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