Restrict access to a single post or page

Once you integrate the Memberful WordPress plugin, you'll see a metabox at the bottom of each post and page on your site. This metabox lets you specify the access restrictions on a post-by-post / page-by-page basis.

In this help doc:

What are your options for restricting content?

When it comes to restricting access to content with the Memberful WordPress plugin, you have several options. You can:

In this doc, we will describe how to restrict access to a single post or page.

Choose who has access

Once you've installed the Memberful WordPress plugin on your site, you'll see a Memberful: Restrict Access box at the bottom of each page and post. Choose who should have access to your page or post by checking the appropriate box(es):

Choose who has access

Restrict access to Custom post types

Register your custom post types to use them with Memberful.

Add marketing content

Add content to the Memberful marketing box like a Plan purchase link for non-members and a sign in link for existing members.

Add marketing content

Check out these customer examples for inspiration:

Set default marketing content

To create default marketing content for all new posts and pages, check the box at the bottom of the editor.

Default marketing content

Add members-only content

Add your members-only text, images, and video embed codes in the editor above the marketing content. Save your page or post.

Add member-only content

If a member is logged in to your site and has the correct access, they’ll be able to see the protected content on your page or post. If they don't have the right access or are logged out of your site—they'll see the marketing content.

To test the content protection on your site, log out of your WordPress administrator account or access the page from a private browser window.

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