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Memberful provides 100% secure server-side content protection with our WordPress plugin.

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Restrict access to WordPress pages and posts

  1. Once you've installed the Memberful WordPress plugin on your site, you'll see a Memberful: Restrict Access meta box at the bottom of every page and post. Select a Plan or multiple Plans and/or a Download or mulitple Downloads from the list.

  2. Add marketing content in the editor beside the Memberful: Restrict Access meta box as well as a Plan purchase link and a sign in link.

  3. Add your members-only text, images, and video embed codes in the editor above the marketing content. Save your page or post.

Protect WordPress content

If a member is logged in to your site and owns any of the Downloads or Plans you selected in the Memberful: Restrict Access meta box, they’ll have access to the page or post. If they aren't subscribed, don't own the Download, or are logged out—they'll see the marketing content.

To test the content protection functionality on your site, log out of your WordPress administrator account or access the page from a private browser window.

Set default marketing content

To set default marketing content (e.g. “Members only page”) for all new posts and pages, check the box at the bottom of the editor.

Default marketing content

Use the Bulk restrict access tool

If you want to bulk restrict access to all pages, all posts, all posts from a category, or all pages and posts, navigate to Settings → Memberful → Bulk restrict access tool. Keep in mind that this is a one-time application of the settings.

Bulk restrict access

Be careful when you bulk apply these settings as they will overwrite and replace any specified individual post or page restrict access settings.

You must have at least one categorized, published post for a particular category to appear in the Bulk apply restrict access settings.

Marketing within unprotected content

If you need to include marketing material in your unprotected (free) content, but want it to be hidden to customers who've already paid, then you can use shortcodes to manually protect WordPress content.

[memberful does_not_have_subscription_to="154-big-awesome"]

  Shown to users who aren't subscribed the "Big Awesome" Plan...


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