Memberful account links

Allow your members to sign in and out of your WordPress site—and manage their Memberful accounts—with one of the following options:

When a member clicks the sign in link they're automatically signed in to Memberful and your WordPress site. When they sign out they'll be signed out of both Memberful and WordPress.

We recommend using the Disable Toolbar plugin. This hides the WordPress Toolbar (black bar at the top of your site shown to logged in users). If a member signs out of WordPress, or edits their profile from the WordPress Toolbar, it will not be communicated to Memberful.

If you'd prefer members never access your WordPress dashboard, we also recommend the Remove Dashboard Access plugin.

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to a post or page and click the Memberful button in the WordPress editor. Click Sign in link.

Memberful sign in link

If you'd like to create a sign in button instead of a text-based link, use the URL below with a button builder; just make sure to replace YOURSITE with your real domain.

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance → Menus. Click Screen Options and check the Memberful Links box. Then, from the Memberful Links dropdown, select Sign in, Sign out, and/or Account and click Add to Menu.

Memberful menu links

To control which users can see each menu link (e.g. logged in members see “sign out” and logged out members see “sign in”), install the User Menus plugin on your website. Then navigate to Appearance → Menus to apply visibility controls to your menu items.

User Menus plugin

Option 3: Profile widget

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance → Widgets and drag the Memberful Profile widget to your sidebar.

Memberful profile widget

When a member is signed in, the widget will display the member's Gravatar photo, a link to their Memberful account page, and a link to sign out of Memberful and your WordPress site.

Memberful account view

Removing the CSS from the widget

To remove all the plugin generated CSS from the widget (presumably to style it yourself) add this code to the functions.php file of your theme:


function mythemename_remove_stylesheet( $current ) {
    return false;

add_filter( 'memberful_wp_profile_widget_add_stylesheet', 'mythemename_remove_stylesheet' );

Add profile code to your WordPress theme

See the WordPress functions documentation.

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