Other plugins (recommended)

Along with the Memberful WordPress plugin, we recommend that you install two additional WordPress plugins on your site.

In this help doc:

Install Hide Admin Toolbar plugin

It's very important you use Memberful as the canonical sign in source. You do not want users signing in or out via WordPress. If a member signs out of WordPress, or edits their profile from the WordPress Toolbar, it will not be communicated to Memberful. Instead, they should sign in through a Memberful sign in link, which will sign them into WordPress.

WordPress Toolbar

The Hide Admin Toolbar plugin hides the WordPress toolbar (i.e. the black bar at the top of your site shown to logged in users), preventing your members from using it to log in and out of your site. Install and activate the plugin.

Install Remove Dashboard Access plugin

If you'd prefer that members never access your WordPress dashboard, we also recommend the Remove Dashboard Access plugin.

First install and activate the plugin. Then navigate to Settings → Dashboard Access to restrict dashboard access for certain user roles.

Plugin settings

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