Add a link to buy a plan

There are two ways to add a plan purchase link to your WordPress website:


From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to any post or a page and click the Memberful button in the WordPress editor. Select Buy Plan, choose your plan from the dropdown list, and type your link text (e.g. Become a member - $15/month), and click OK.

Memberful button in WordPress editor

Purchase button

From your Memberful dashboard, navigate to the Plans tab, click the plan name and then Plan Settings. Copy the Plan purchase link and use it with button shortcodes or HTML button options provided by your WordPress theme.

Membeful HTML buy link

For example, in the Make theme, you can create a button with the Format Builder. If your theme doesn’t have a button builder, install a plugin like Mango Buttons.

Create a button

Tip: If you're writing HTML in the WordPress editor (Text tab), be sure to include the proper HTML link tag:

<a href="">Purchase this plan</a>


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