Memberful WordPress plugin

If you'd like to protect content and pages on your website, use Memberful with and one of our recommended hosting providers. users: Memberful works with, not Please see our recommended WordPress hosting providers list and the guided transfer service.

Install the Memberful WordPress plugin

The Memberful WordPress plugin makes it easy to integrate Memberful with your WordPress site.

WordPress plugin install

  1. From your Memberful dashboard navigate to Settings → Integrate and click the link to activate the WordPress service.
  2. Copy the WordPress registration key (ctrl/cmd + c).
  3. Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site.
  4. Paste your registration key (ctrl/cmd + v) into the field and click the Register this site with Memberful button.

Once connected, your members will be signed into WordPress when they sign into Memberful. Their plans are also automatically synced, which makes it easy to protect WordPress content.

Note: If you're using a testing/staging site with Memberful, and you move to a live site, you need to disconnect/reconnect the plugin.

WordPress theme compatibility

Most WordPress themes are compatible with Memberful. The only requirement is the theme must present post and page content using the default WordPress content function.

Looking for a WordPress theme? We recommend the Make theme from our sister company, The Theme Foundry.

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