Set member attributes

Memberful supports two kinds of parameters:

UTM parameters

UTM parameters ( utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term) are tags that you can add to a URL to track where your members came from. You can generate these URLs with Google’s URL builder.

You can add the UTM parameters to a URL pointing to your site with the Memberful Overlay or a specific Memberful plan purchase link like:

For example, this link would tell you which members visited your site from a specific Twitter campaign:

Custom Parameters

If you’d like to track custom parameters (such as number of viewed pages) you must define a JavaScript function called memberfulTrackingData(). This function takes current tracking parameters as an input and returns a modified version of them. For example:

function memberfulTrackingData(parameters) {
  parameters.customParam = "custom param value";
  return parameters;

Memberful member attributes

When a customer clicks a URL with a UTM parameter or a custom parameter, Memberful collects these parameters during checkout and displays them as member attributes in the member's profile.

Please note: We plan to make this information more useful by adding filtering in the Members tab so that you can generate a list of all your members from a certain source.

Member attributes

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