Set member attributes

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Set up UTM parameters

UTM parameters ( utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term) are tags that you can add to a URL to track where your members came from. You can generate these URLs with Google’s URL builder.

You can add the UTM parameters to a URL pointing to your site with the Memberful Overlay or a specific Memberful Plan purchase link. For example, this link would tell you which members visited your site from a specific Twitter campaign:

Set up custom parameters

If you’d like to track custom parameters (such as number of viewed pages) you must define a JavaScript function called memberfulTrackingData(). This function takes current tracking parameters as an input and returns a modified version of them. For example:

function memberfulTrackingData(parameters) {
  parameters.customParam = "custom param value";
  return parameters;

Where does Memberful collect these parameters?

When a customer clicks a URL with a UTM parameter or a custom parameter, Memberful collects these parameters during checkout and displays them as Attributes in the member's profile. This information is also captured in the Members CSV export, which you can generate from the Members tab.

Member attributes

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