Plan Groups

If you sell multiple Plans, you may want to offer members the option to change between the different Plans. Simply add all the Plans to the same Plan Group and staff and members will have the option to change between them.

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Plan Groups

Set up Plan Groups

Navigate to Plan Settings for any Plan and click the manage groups link or go to Settings → Plans and click Manage Plan Groups.

Set up Plan Groups from within Plan Settings

Create and manage Plan Groups

You may add up to 10 Standard type Plans to a Plan Group. Lifetime, Fixed, and Date-based plans are not eligible for Plan Groups. When a member changes Plans they Upgrade, Downgrade, or Crossgrade.


An upgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that costs more than their current Plan.

Additional upgrade options

There are two additional upgrade options that are useful for sites with different Plans that have the same benefits:

Go to Settings → Plans in your Memberful dashboard to configure your upgrade preferences.


A downgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that costs less than their current Plan.


A crossgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that has the same price as their current Plan. There is no charge for crossgrades.

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