Plan Groups

When you add all your Plans to the same Plan Group, members can move between your Plans on their own (i.e. upgrade, downgrade, or crossgrade).

Plan Groups also prevent members from inadvertently subscribing to more than one Plan at a time since they can only subscribe to one Plan in a Plan Group.

In this help doc:

Set up a Plan Group

Navigate to the Plans tab, select a Plan, and click Plan Settings.

Navigate to Plan Settings

Navigate to the Upgrades and Downgrades section, and click Manage groups.

Set up Plan Groups from within Plan Settings

One-time purchases, group subscriptions, Plans with a fixed number of payments, and Plans that renew on a specific day of the month are not eligible for Plan Groups.

Name the group and then click Add new group.

Create and manage Plan Groups

Add your Plan to the group, and repeat for all other Plans you want to be included in the same group.

Create and manage Plan Groups

Review Plan Group settings

Navigate to Settings → Plans to review and edit your Plan Group settings. When a member changes Plans they Upgrade, Downgrade, or Crossgrade.

Plan Group settings


An upgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that costs more than their current Plan.

We will not apply a prorated credit for newly imported members. Since they have not paid via Memberful before, their previous order will show as $0. For this use case, we suggest you choose one of the other upgrade options.

Additional upgrade options

There are two additional upgrade options that are useful for sites with different Plans that have the same benefits:


A downgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that costs less than their current Plan.


A crossgrade occurs when a member changes to a new Plan that has the same price as their current Plan. There is no charge for crossgrades.

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