Move all active members of a Plan

If you need to move a single member from one Plan to another, use Plan Groups. If you’re discontinuing a legacy Plan, and need to bulk move all active members to another Plan, navigate to the Plans tab, select a Plan, and click Plan Settings. Once there, click Move.

Move members

We'll only move active members to another Plan. Inactive members will not be moved. If you don't want anyone to sign up for your old Plan, either delete it or uncheck the Available for purchase box in your Plan Settings.

Important note: You cannot undo this action. Bulk moving members should be done rarely and cautiously. Members will not be notified when they are moved between Plans. If their new Plan has a different renewal schedule, we suggest you notify your members.

In this help doc:

Move members to a Standard plan

When you move active members to a Standard plan they will not be charged immediately. The move date will be treated as their “subscribed-on” date going forward.

This means that their first charge for the new Plan will occur when the next renewal event happens, which depends on the Plan Settings of the Plan they were moved to. For example, if the new Plan has a monthly renewal schedule, the first charge will occur one month from the date they were moved.

Move members to a Date-based plan

When you move active members to a Date-based plan, they will not be charged immediately—even if they're moved on the renewal date. Their first charge will occur on the next renewal date (monthly) or renewal month and date (yearly) specified in the Plan Settings.

For example, if you move all members to a Date-based plan on September 17th, and the Plan is set to renew on the 17th of each month, the first charge will occur on October 17th.

Move members to a Lifetime plan

When you move active members to a Lifetime plan, they will not be charged. This effectively provides them free access to the Plan since there is no renewal date.

Fixed and Team plans are not supported

Currently, we don’t support moving members to or from Fixed plans or Team plans.

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