Let members choose what to pay

By default, Plans require a fixed price to be paid in order to purchase a subscription. You can optionally turn on a setting to allow members to pay any custom amount equal-to or greater than a minimum price.

This is a great option if you’d like to create a donation form, or if you want to give your most generous members a way to support you even more than you’re asking. No matter what price a member pays, they’re all purchasing the same Plan, and will receive the same access and benefits.

If you’re looking to create different tiers of benefits (Bronze / Silver / Gold), or renewal schedules (Monthly / Annual), you should create different plans for each level.

Choose what you pay checkout

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In this help doc:

Create a Plan

Navigate to the Plans tab from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan. Enable the setting to Let members choose what to pay. This means that the price becomes the minimum price, and members can pay anything between that amount and $999,999.

Convert a Plan

You can enable this setting for existing Plans. Go to the Plans tab in your Dashboard, select a Plan, then click Plan Settings. Enable the setting Let members choose what to pay and click Save changes. This means that the price becomes the minimum price, and members can pay anything between that amount and $999,999.

If Let members choose what to pay is enabled for a Plan, you can turn it off as long as the Plan doesn’t have any active subscribers.

Accept custom payments

Within the purchase form, members can pay any amount equal-to or greater than the minimum Plan price.

Choose what you pay checkout

You can also share a suggested price by passing the amount through a query string in the Plan purchase link URL.

To charge $50 for a plan, the URL would look like this: https://YOURSITE.COM/checkout?plan=2&price=50

You can also include decimal points in the amount, which would look like this: https://YOURSITE.COM/checkout?plan=2&price=25.50

Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found in your Memberful dashboard via Account → Account settings. When you build the membership on your website, create buttons for each of the amounts you’d like to collect with the proper amount in the URL.

You can also create an open text field for members to enter a fully custom amount of their own choosing. You can get example HTML at any time from the Plan Settings page, and then customize it using your own CSS and HTML.

Example of a custom contribution form

Here’s an example of how you’d create the text field that launches your checkout (also available on the Plan Settings page):

<form action="https://YOURWEBSITE.COM/checkout" method="get">
  <input type="hidden" name="plan" value="2" />
  <input type="number" name="price" placeholder="Choose what you pay" required="required" min="60.00" step="0.01" />
  <input type="submit" value="Contribute now" />

Edit a member’s custom amount

You can edit the custom amount a member is paying through their subscription page in the dashboard. Search for the member by name or email, or go to Plans, pick a plan, click their name from the list, then choose the subscription you'd like to edit.

Under Custom price click Change and enter a new amount that’s equal-to or greater than the Plan’s minimum price. The member will be charged this amount at their new renewal, and all renewals going forward.

Editing a member's custom price

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