Integrate with Zapier

Memberful can activate Zapier Triggers when important member events happen, allowing you to create powerful workflows across third-party services.

In this help doc:

Create an API Key for Zapier

Create an API Key

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrate → Custom Apps in your Memberful dashboard and click Add a new Custom Application.
  2. Enter a name and select Include an API key with this application. We'll be using this key in a later step.

Create a Zap

Create a Zap

  1. Head over to Zapier and click the big Make a Zap! button.
  2. Type Memberful in the main search box to add it as a Trigger.
  3. Choose the event you'd like to trigger and click Save + Continue.

Connect to Memberful

If you don't already have Zapier connected to Memberful, now is the time to do that. Click Connect a new account and Zapier will ask for:

  1. The Memberful API key we created earlier. Copy the key from your Memberful dashboard and paste it into the field.
  2. Your Memberful subdomain (see below).

Your Memberful subdomain is the part of your Memberful URL between https:// and For example, if your Memberful URL was, your subdomain would be demo. Letters only please!

Find your subdomain

Finally, Zapier will test your Zap. We've covered this for you, so you only have to click test and we'll do the rest.

Useful Triggers

Here are some useful Triggers you can use with Zapier to add, update, and remove your members from your favorite third-party App:

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