Integrate Tapfiliate tracking code with Memberful

Tapfiliate is cloud-based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track, and optimize your own affiliate programs. Memberful integrates with Tapfiliate. For complete instructions on how to use Tapfiliate, check out their knowledge base.

In this help docs:

Create your affiliate program

  1. From your Tapfiliate account, create your affiliate program.
  2. Once you create your program, you will get an invite URL to share (on your website, via email, or through social media) so you can sign up affiliates.

    Shareable link

  3. Once a person signs up to become an affiliate, they will receive their own unique referral link to share with their customers or followers.


Integrate Tapfiliate with Memberful

  1. From your Memberful dashboard, navigate to Settings → Customize → Advanced.
  2. In the Successful order analytics code box, add the following code snippet:

    <script src="" type="text/javascript" async></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    tap('create', 'YOUR ACCOUNT ID');
    tap('conversion', '{{ order.subscription_id }}', Number("{{ }}".replace(/[^0-9\.-]+/g,"")));

    Replace YOUR ACCOUNT ID with your actual account ID, which can be found in your Tapfiliate account on the Installation/Integration page. Make sure that your account ID is between apostrophes (').

    Account ID

  3. From your Tapfiliate account, navigate to your program's advanced settings and switch your tracking method to Redirect.


Track and manage affiliate activity

If a customer uses an affiliate’s referral link to access your website and make a purchase, that information (affiliate, conversion ID, and amount) is communicated to Tapfiliate via the code snippet you integrated through Memberful. You can manage your affiliates (and their payments) through your Tapfiliate account.

Please note that tracking currently functions inconsistently with newer versions of Safari.

Locate a Tapfiliate conversion in Memberful

If you'd like to cross-reference a Tapfiliate conversion with the related subscription in Memberful, add your Memberful site name and the Tapfiliate External ID (replace 12345) to the URL below:

Please note that the External ID in Tapfiliate refers to the Subscription ID in Memberful.

Set up recurring commissions

If you’d like your affiliates to earn ongoing commissions for referring members, you can use Tapfiliate’s pre-made Zap via Zapier, which automatically notifies Tapfiliate of all Memberful renewals.

  1. Integrate Memberful with Zapier.
  2. Navigate to your Tapfiliate affilate program. Click the Settings tab and then Commission structure. On the Commission structure page, click edit and then set the Recurrence mode to API/Zapier.

    Recurrence mode

  3. Set up the Zap with Zapier:

Other tracking solutions (without Tapfiliate)

If you're looking for a basic solution to track conversions, here are two other options:

Option 1: Use UTM tracking links with Memberful’s conversion tracking and track it in Google Analytics.

Option 2: Setup coupon codes for your affiliates and track the signups through coupons in Settings → Coupons.

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