Import your members

To prepare for your import, first create your Memberful plans. Then prepare your site by installing our WordPress plugin (optional) and adding Memberful purchase and sign in links. We recommend using a staging or local environment if you don't want to make live changes.

What are you using now?

There are three possible import scenarios:

I'm using Stripe, and my member’s already have Stripe Subscriptions.

You do not need to prepare a CSV import file. We can import the subscriptions and members directly from your Stripe account. Please contact us.

I'm using Stripe, but my members do not have Stripe Subscriptions.

You’ll need to prepare and generate an export from your old membership system and format it so it can be imported to Memberful (see sample CSV below). Include the Stripe Customer IDs. We can help with this.

I’m not using Stripe yet (PayPal, Braintree,

We can help you move your existing customer credit cards to Stripe. Please contact us for details. Once your credit cards are migrated to Stripe, you'll generate an export from your old membership system and format it so it can be imported to Memberful (see sample CSV below).

Download the sample CSV import file

Download the Sample CSV import file by visiting the Members tab in your Memberful dashboard and clicking the Import Members button. You'll see a link to download a sample CSV at the bottom of the page.

Click the Import members link

Connect to Stripe and schedule your import

We can help with your import — if you'd like our assistance with an import, please add your import file to Google Sheets, and email us a link to the file. For security and privacy reasons, please do not email us import files.

We automatically purge all members and orders from your account when you connect to Stripe and exit test payment mode, so you’ll need to connect to Stripe before making the final import.

  1. Connect your Memberful account to Stripe.
  2. Schedule a date and time for the import.

Go live with Memberful

  1. Disable your old membership system completely.
  2. Enable Memberful and push live any necessary design changes.
  3. Make a final export from your old system and import your members using the import tool (see below). If you’re already using Stripe Subscriptions, we will perform the import for you.
  4. Using WordPress? We recommend that you delete your users from WordPress. We will recreate the users after they log in through a Memberful sign in link. If you don't delete the users, we will ask them to sign in with their existing WordPress credentials so we can sync the WordPress/Memberful accounts.

Tell your members about change

After the import is complete you'll want to send an email to your members letting them know about the new system and include a link to reset their password and sign in. If you couldn't import their credit cards, you should also ask them to add a credit card.

Link to reset password and sign in

Members should reset their password

Link to add credit card

Members can add a credit card

Using the import tool

Go to the Members tab in your Memberful dashboard and click Import Members. Upload your properly formatted CSV and the members will be imported. The only required fields are First name, Last name, and Email. If you don't want to include a field, leave it empty.

Wondering how to add a member with multiple plans? Simply re-import the same member again with a different plan.

Important note about CSV formatting: The import tool will not work if there are special characters in the CSV file. Microsoft Excel generates these special characters. For that reason, we recommend importing and re-exporting the CSV via Google Sheets.

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