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Give free access to a specific Plan

To give a member access to a Plan for free, navigate to Settings → Coupons in your Memberful dashboard and create a new coupon with a 100% discount. The coupon can be applied at checkout.

If you'd like the free access to be permanent, make sure the coupon is Recurring.

Give plan for free

Offer a free trial

To offer your members a free trial of your Plan, enable the Free trial setting when you create a Plan.

Free trial setting

Enable free registration

If you'd like to offer a free tier, navigate to Settings → Members in your Memberful dashboard and check the box: Allow new members to sign up on your website for free.

Free registration

Comp access to all plans and downloads

If you'd like to comp access to all Plans and Downloads (perfect for friends or colleagues), navigate to the Members tab in your Memberful dashboard. Select the member, edit their profile, and check the box: Yes, automatically give access to all downloads and plans.

Give all Plans and Downloads for free

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