How we handle failed payments

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How we handle failed payments

After the first payment failure, we retry the payment up to 4 times—always with 12 hours between retries. If we are unable to charge the member after 48 hours, we will deactivate their subscription.

Credit card declines are determined by Stripe. For each transaction they pass Memberful back a simple "Yes" or "No" answer, but they don't provide us with any additional information.

The Stripe declines do show up in your Stripe dashboard, and sometimes they show a reason for the decline. Take a look through Stripe's Declines and Failed Payments documentation for more information.

How we handle expired credit cards

If we detect a credit card expiration date before the member's next renewal date, we'll send them an email reminder. On the renewal date, we'll try to charge the card on file—either the old one or a new one they've added. In most cases, an expired credit card will lead to a failed payment, but some banks do allow charges to be processed on expired cards.

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