Email Templates

Memberful sends transactional email to your members. Navigate to Settings → Email to see the emails sent by Memberful and edit their contents.

In this help doc:

Test email templates

To send and receive transactional emails while in test payment mode, navigate to Account → Plans and billing and upgrade to the Pro plan for free.

To edit and test the email templates after your site is live, you can open a separate Memberful account and leave it in test payment mode, or use a service like PutsMail.

Edit email templates

Memberful’s email templates include default text and a customizable block with a rich text editor. Buttons are displayed for key actions, and if you're on our Pro or Premium plan, we'll apply your custom branding to the templates.

html email template

Please note that all email templates are enabled by default except for the Welcome message and Checking in.

Available templates

Introductory emails

Payment emails

Subscription emails

Password email

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