Create a Team plan

Team plans are Plans that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a single account. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact, but are purchasing access for multiple people. Team plans are only available for Memberful customers on the Premium plan.

Group subscription checkout

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Optional settings:

Name and price your Team plan

To create a Plan, navigate to the Plans tab from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan.

Create a new plan

Name your Plan and set the price ($1.00 minimum). If you’re planning to include 10 seats with your Plan and each seat will cost $10 / month, set your price as $100.

Name and price plan

Choose the billing frequency and subscription length

Keep in mind that once a member has completed the last payment of a subscription with a fixed number of payments, the subscription will not expire—essentially giving them lifetime access.

For Plans that renew indefinitely, the default setting is for the Plan to renew automatically until the member toggles off autorenew. You can disable this setting so that the Plan Manager can choose to renew on their own.

Billing frequency and subscription length

You can also can enable the Renew on a specific day setting if you’d like all members to renew on a specific day, month, etc. (optional). Otherwise, Plans will renew on the anniversary of the purchase date.

Renew on a specific day

Keep in mind that we don’t pro-rate charges for Plans that renew on a specific date. For example, if your Plan is set to renew on the 10th each month, and your member signs up on the 8th, they be charged the full price on the 8th and then again on the 10th.

Disable taxes

If you have tax collection enabled, you can disable tax collection for your Plan (optional). If taxes are disabled globally there will be no switches present on your Plan and Download forms.

Disable taxes

Enable free trials

Enable a free trial with or without a credit card and choose the trial length.

Enable the free trial setting

Enable group subscriptions

Toggle on the group subscriptions setting and specify the number of seats to be included by default.

Group subscriptions

This should reflect your Plan price. For example, if you set your price as $100 / month, and each seat costs $10, you should include 10 seats with the initial purchase. You can also include only 1 seat by default, allowing the Plan Manager to choose the total number of seats required within the purchase form.

Group subscription checkout

You can allow or disallow the purchase of future additional seats under the same account, along with a custom price per additional seat. If you don't specify a maximum number of additional seats allowed for purchase, the maximum will be unlimited.

Group subscriptions

Include Downloads and Podcasts

If you’ve created Downloads or private podcasts with Memberful, you can include them with your Plan.

Include Downloads

Set Discourse Group

If you’ve integrated Memberful with Discourse, you'll see a new option when editing a Plan. When you set a Discourse Group, we'll automatically add and sync active (paying) Plan subscribers to that Discourse Group. If a member's subscription expires, they will be removed from the Discourse Group.

Set your Disourse Group

Configure redirect settings

By default, we will redirect your member back to the page they were on when they made the purchase. For example, if they purchase the Plan from a gated article, we will redirect them to the full article after the order is complete.

You may also choose to enable The global redirect URL setting and redirect to a specific page after any successful order.

Global redirect URL

If you’d like to redirect your members to a different page (like a plan-specific welcome page), you can choose a URL specific to the Plan you’re creating.

Plan-specific URL

If you’ve included a podcast with your Plan, you also have the option to override the default redirect settings and show the podcast subscription page after checkout.

Override automatic redirect

Enable address collection

If you require a mailing address, you can enable the address collection setting. Keep in mind that this will create a 2-step checkout experience.

Address collection

Create Team plan

By default, any new Team plan you create with be marked as Available for purchase. If you disable this setting existing members won’t be impacted, but new members will not be able to purchase this Plan.

Available for purchase

After you fill in your settings, click Save plan. Once you do, you’ll see a full Plan Summary so you can review your settings at a glance and access your Plan purchase link.

Plan Summary

You can also share suggested seats by passing the amount through a query string in the Plan purchase link URL. To include 10 seats with a subscription, the URL would look like this:


Enable welcome emails

Memberful can send separate welcome emails to Plan managers and Team members. Navigate to Customize → Email to see the welcome emails sent by Memberful and add custom messaging.

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