Create a Plan

Your members can purchase a subscription to a plan. You can also include protected file downloads (e.g. PDFs, MP3s) with a plan or sell downloads standalone. Members can own multiple plans, but they can't own the same plan more than once.

To create a plan, navigate to Plans from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan. Name your plan, set the price ($1.00 minimum), and select the Plan type: Standard, Fixed, or Lifetime.

How to create a Plan

Standard Plan

Renews indefinitely.

Fixed Plan

Renews for a set number of payments, then stops.

Lifetime Plan

Never renews, one-time payment.

Keep in mind: The automatic redirect only works through the Memberful Overlay. If your customer is visiting the direct URL/standalone version (e.g. they clicked a purchase link in your email newsletter), they'll get a Back to site link. It's set up this way so they get the Payment Complete message; otherwise, they would get redirected away before seeing it.


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