Create a Plan

Your members can purchase a subscription to a plan. You can also include protected file downloads (e.g. PDFs, MP3s) with a plan or sell downloads standalone. Members can own multiple plans, but they can't own the same plan more than once.

To create a plan, navigate to Plans from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan. Name your plan, set the price ($1.00 minimum), and select the Plan type: Standard, Fixed, or Lifetime.

How to create a Plan

Keep in mind: We don’t specify the plan renewal frequency in the Memberful Overlay (i.e. purchase form) as we’re only outlining what the customer will be charged during the initial transaction. We recommend that you make the renewal frequency (monthly, yearly, etc.) clear on your site's purchase page.

Standard Plan

Renews indefinitely.

Fixed Plan

Renews for a set number of payments, then stops.

Lifetime Plan

Never renews, one-time payment.

Keep in mind: The automatic redirect only works through the Memberful Overlay. If your customer is visiting the direct URL/standalone version (e.g. they clicked a purchase link in your email newsletter), they'll get a Back to site link. It's set up this way so they get the Payment Complete message; otherwise, they would get redirected away before seeing it.

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