Create a Plan

To create a Plan, navigate to the Plans tab from your Memberful dashboard and click New Plan.

In this help doc:

Standard Plan

Renews indefinitely

Important note about renewal frequency: In the Memberful Overlay purchase form, we specify the plan renewal frequency for Date-based plans only. For the other plan types, we only outline what the customer will be charged during the initial transaction. We recommend that you make the renewal frequency (e.g. monthly, yearly, etc.) clear on your website.

Fixed plan

Renews for a set number of payments, then never expires

Lifetime plan

Never renews, one-time payment

Date-based plan

Renews on a specific date

The automatic redirect only works through the Memberful Overlay. If your customer is visiting the direct URL/standalone version (e.g. they clicked a Plan purchase link in your email newsletter), they'll see a Back to site link.

Team plan

Multiple seats purchased and managed by a single account

Team plans are Plans that contain multiple memberships purchased and managed by a Plan Manager. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact, but are purchasing access for multiple people. Team plans are only available for Memberful customers on the Premium plan. Learn more about Team plans.

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