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What are the coupon types?

There are 3 coupon types:

Add a coupon

Navigate to Plans → Coupons from your Memberful dashboard.

Optional: Check Allow members to add coupons to existing subscriptions. This setting is disabled by default and applies all members with active or expired subscriptions.

Coupon setting

If you have several coupons, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see this setting.

Click Add a new coupon.

Add a new coupon

Create your coupon.

Create coupon

Apply a coupon

Members can apply a coupon code at checkout, to an existing subscription (optional), or when they change Plans (optional). Members cannot apply the same coupon code more than once. Staff can apply coupon codes to member’s accounts, from the Memberful dashboard, without limit.

Please note the coupon field will be only visible at checkout when there is at least one coupon enabled.

Member applies a coupon code at checkout

You must have at least one coupon enabled for the coupon field to be displayed in the purchase form.

New coupon

You can also add coupons automatically with a link:

A more exact URL is available from the coupon edit view.

Coupon automatically linked

Member applies a coupon code to an existing subscription

To add a coupon to an existing subscription, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Add coupon, and apply the coupon code.

Apply coupon to existing subscription

Member applies a coupon code during a Plan upgrade

To add a coupon during a Plan upgrade, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Change plan, and apply the coupon code.

Coupon during upgrade

Please note that if you've chosen to apply a prorated credit to upgrades in your Plan Groups Settings, and the charge-after-coupon is less than the credit for unused time, the credit will not be carried over to the new subscription.

Staff apply a coupon code

To apply a coupon to an existing subscription from the Memberful dashboard, navigate to the member’s profile, click the subscription link, and add the coupon code.

Apply coupon

To add a coupon during a Plan upgrade, click change next to the Plan name, choose the new Plan, and then apply the coupon code.

Change plan

Apply coupon

Manage coupons

Navigate to Plans → Coupons to view coupon redemptions and active subscriptions. Keep in mind that we only count redemptions:

You can also edit, disable, or delete your coupons. If you disable a coupon, it won't affect members who are already using it, but it will no longer be applicable.

Disable coupon

If you delete the coupon, it will be removed from all subscriptions that use it. This action is not reversible.

Delete coupon

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