Create a coupon

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What are the coupon options?

There are 3 coupon types:

Create a coupon

New coupon

  1. Navigate to Settings → Coupons from your Memberful dashboard. Click Add a new coupon.
  2. Create a coupon code made up of numbers and letters.
  3. Enter a discount percentage or dollar amount.
  4. Enter max redemptions to restrict coupon usage (optional).
  5. Specify which Plans and Downloads the coupon can be applied to (optional).
  6. Select a Coupon type and click Create coupon.

Apply a coupon

Your customers can apply the coupon code at checkout in the Memberful Overlay purchase form. Please note that you must have atleast one coupon enabled for the coupon field to be displayed.

New coupon

Or, you can add coupons automatically with a link:

A more exact URL example is available from the coupon edit view.

Coupon automatically linked

You can also apply a coupon from the Memberful dashboard. Navigate to the member’s profile, click the subscription link, and add the coupon.

Apply coupon

Manage coupons

Navigate to Settings → Coupons to view coupon redemptions and active subscriptions.

Keep in mind that we only count redemptions when the coupon has been used in the checkout on the frontend by a member. It's not a redemption if a staff member does it in the backend. On the other hand, active subscriptions will show all active subscriptions.

You can also edit, disable, or delete your coupons.

If you disable a coupon, it won't affect members who are already using it, but new customers will not be able to apply it at checkout.

Disable coupon

If you delete the coupon it will be removed from all subscriptions that use it. This action is not reversible.

Delete coupon

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