Memberful dashboard

With Memberful, you get an independent dashboard featuring charts, activity feeds, and powerful metrics including revenue, monthly recurring revenue, member lifetime value (LTV), MRR per member, member churn rate, new orders, renewals, and refunds. You can click each metric in the Dashboard to apply filters by Plan.

In this help doc:

Access your Memberful dashboard

You can access your Dashboard from:

Here you will see the metrics we track, which will help you evaluate your business goals, objectives, and overall performance. Keep in mind that some metrics are live, while others are updated a few times a day:


All dates and times in the Dashboard are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and we process all charges in UTC.

Search for members

Click the magnifying glass to search by member name, email address, or order number. You can also type "s" anywhere in the Dashboard (assuming your cursor is not in another input field) and the search bar will appear.


Members tab

From the Members tab you can import members and add new members. You can also apply a filter to view active members, inactive members, or all members, and export a CSV report.

Members tab

Click a name to edit a member’s details, manage their subscriptions, or process a refund.

Edit a member

Refunds and suspensions

Click the Order # to access the Refund order button. When you refund the most recent order it cancels the subscription completely going forward. To give a partial refund, find the payment in Stripe and click Refund. You'll be prompted to enter an amount.

If you suspend the most recent order it will automatically mark the subscription as inactive. When you unsuspend it, it becomes active again.


Manage subscriptions

When you click a subscription, you can change the renewal date, disable auto-renew, add a coupon, and view (and edit) the Active Since field. Active Since is a counter that tracks how long the member has been active without lapsing. You can use this data to reward longevity.

Edit a subscription

Plans tab

From the Plans tab you can create a new Plan, manage Plan Settings, create Plan Groups, upload and manage Downloads, and view active subscribers by Plan.

Plans tab

Activity tab

From the Activity tab you can view ongoing membership activity. You can also apply a filter by activity and export a CSV report.

Activity tab

Please note that we longer report Failed Payments. We didn't delete the events we previously recorded, which means the Failed Payments filter is still available for older, "archived" events.

Settings tab

Settings tab

Account tab

Manage account tab

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