Member account management

Memberful provides an intuitive payment and account management experience for your members which mean you’ll spend less time providing customer support. Once you create your membership Plans, your audience can buy subscriptions to those Plans and manage their own membership accounts.

Learn how a member can:

Access their account

Members can access their membership account from:

Replace YOURSITE with your actual site name, which can be found in your Memberful dashboard via Account → Account settings. You can add this link to a button on your website, in the footer of your newsletter, or anywhere else.

Sign in using email

When a member lands on the sign in form, they’ll enter their email address and click Send sign in link.

Send sign in link

Then, Memberful will send them an email with a link they can click to sign in. The link can only be used once and expires after 24 hours.

Sign in email

Members who created a password prior to the release of this feature can continue to use their existing password to sign in (if they prefer). New members can also choose to set a password after they sign up.

Update their profile

From the Profile menu item, a member can update their name, email, password, address (if required), and custom fields (if required). They can also add a photo to their profile using Gravatar.

Memberful standalone form

Update their custom fields

Members can update their custom field(s) from the Preferences section of their profile.

Update custom fields from member profile

Manage their subscriptions

When you create a Plan (other than one-time payments and subscriptions with a fixed number of payments), you can decide if you want auto-renew to be on or off by default.

If a member wants to toggle off auto-renew (i.e. cancel their subscription) or on (i.e. renew their subscription automatically and indefinitely) later on, they can do so under the Subscriptions menu item in their account.

Manage subscriptions

If a member is subscribed to a Plan that allows them to choose what they pay, they can also change their contribution price from this view.

Change Plans

If you sell multiple Plans, you may want to offer members the option to upgrade / downgrade. When you add all your Plans to the same Plan Group, members will have the option to change between them from the Subscriptions menu item in their account.

Memberful standalone form

Apply a coupon code during a Plan upgrade

To add a coupon during a Plan upgrade, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Change plan, and apply the coupon code.

Apply a coupon during an upgrade

Apply a coupon code to an existing subscription

To add a coupon to an existing subscription, members can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item in their account, click Add coupon, and apply the coupon code.

Apply a coupon to an existing subscription

Renew a subscription that is past due

If a member's subscription is past due or expired, they can navigate to the Subscriptions menu item and click Renew Now. Next, they can update their credit card details or switch to Apple Pay (if required) and renew their subscription.

Subscription past due

After the first payment failure, we retry the payment up to 4 times—always with 12 hours between retries. If we are unable to charge the member after 48 hours, we will deactivate their subscription.

Manage a group subscription

Via the Subscriptions tab in their account, the group subscription manager can click the Manage members link to add members, remove members, and purchase additional member seats.

Manage members link

They have access to a unique link they can send to people to directly join the group subscription. They also have the option to require the group subscription manager’s approval before new members can join the subscription.

Add and remove members

For group subscriptions with more than 10 members, we switch to a search bar, rather than a list of members, for ease of use.

Add and remove members

Group members can also voluntarily leave a group via the Subscriptions tab in their account. The seat will return to the group subscription manager's total available member seats.

Leave group plan

Purchase additional member seats as a group subscription manager

You can allow the group subscription manager to purchase additional member seats for their group at any time. They can access the purchase form link via the Manage members tab in their account.

Purchase additional seats

To allow additional member seat purchases, you must set a per-member price. Depending on when the group subscription manager purchases the additional member seats, the total charge will be pro-rated based on how much time is left before the next renewal date for the subscription. Then, on the next renewal date, the full seat price will be added to the total renewal price.

Additional seats are pro-rated

Access private podcasts

Members can access their private RSS feeds from the Podcasts menu item in their account. Learn more about private podcasts.

Access podcasts

Access Downloads

Members can access members-only Downloads (like MP3s and PDFs) from the Downloads menu item in their account.

When a member clicks a Download, we create a temporary link that expires after 10 minutes. This prevents link sharing. Once the link expires, the member will have to click the Download link again (from your site or their account) if they want to download the file. Learn more about Downloads.

Access downloads

Download order receipts as PDFs

Members can access and download their order receipts (i.e. invoices) as PDFs from the Orders menu item in their account.

Access and download receipts

Our order emails also include a link at the bottom to download the invoice as a PDF.

PDF download in order emails

Update payment details

Members can view and update their payment details from the Update Card menu item in their account. If accessing their account from Safari, they can also switch their payment method to Apple Pay.

Update credit card

Reset their password

Passwords are no longer required, but for those members who choose to use them — they may need to reset them periodically.

From the Memberful sign in form, the member can click Sign in using password and then the Reset it link. Memberful will send them password reset instructions by email.

Password reset

You can also trigger a password reset email from the member's profile in your Memberful dashboard or share a direct link with them.

To ensure the reset process is secure:

If the link becomes invalid, we recommend that the member delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

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