How subscriptions work

At Memberful, we refer to canceling a Plan as toggling off auto-renew and renewing a Plan as toggling on auto-renew.

In this help doc:

Review your Plan Settings

Auto-renew starts is toggled on by default in Standard plans and Date-based plans. This means plan members will be charged on the anniversary of their renewal—indefinitely.

You can choose to toggle off Auto-renew starts in the Plan Settings accessed via the Plans tab in your Memberful dashboard.

Auto-renew on

How members manage their subscriptions

If your member wants to toggle off auto-renew (i.e. cancel their subscription) or on (i.e. renew their subscription automatically and indefinitely), they can do so from their Memberful account, under the Subscriptions tab, accessed via your site or an account link:

Auto-renew on

Please note that there are no auto-renew settings for Fixed or Lifetime plans.

Members can also see a list of their orders and access their receipts, update their credit card details, and update their address (if you have a Plan that is set to collect addresses).

Account management

If a member's subscription is past due or expired, they can navigate to the Subscriptions tab and click Renew Now. Next, they can update their credit card details (or switch to Apple Pay) if required and renew their subscription.

Renew past due or expired

How members can add an image to their account

The avatar service we use is called Gravatar.

How members can upgrade or downgrade their Plan

If you want members to be able to upgrade or downgrade their Plans, simply add all your Plans to the same Plan Group. Members will be able to change between Plans from the Subscriptions tab in their account.

How members can reset their passwords

If your member forgets their password they can click the Reset it link under the Sign in button, and Memberful will send them password reset instructions by email.

Reset password

You can also send a password reset email from the member's profile in your Memberful dashboard.

To ensure the reset process is secure:

If the link becomes invalid, we recommend that the member delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

How you can manage your members' subscriptions

You can also toggle auto-renew on or off for a member. Locate the member using the search bar in your Memberful dashboard and then click the subscription in their profile.

Click subscription

Then enable or disable auto-renew.

Enable or disable auto-renew

How to pause a Plan

There are a few ways to pause a member's Plan:

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