Admin member management

Memberful provides an intuitive member management experience for you through the Memberful dashboard.

Learn how you can:

Manage your members

Enter a member's name, email address, or order number in the search bar on any page in the Memberful dashboard. You can also type "s" anywhere in the Dashboard (assuming your cursor is not in another input field) to access the search bar.

Search for a member

From the Member view, you can:

Member profile

Click Edit member to edit the member’s name, email, address and phone number (if applicable), or to add or remove an All Access Pass.

Edit a member

You can also delete a member from this view.

Edit member details

View a member’s integration status

From the Integration tab, you can view the member’s status with each of the following integrations: Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, Discord, Drip, Mailchimp, and Mailerlite.

Member management integrations

Understand why there isn’t member data for an integration

There are a few reasons why we may not be able to display a status for a particular member and integration:

For newsletter integrations:

If none of these scenarios apply, you can try to add the email address directly in the service to see if it resolves the issue. In most cases, Memberful will get notified by the service and we’ll begin syncing the member.

View their activity

From the Activity tab, you can see all the individual member’s activity. To see all member activity, navigate to the main Activity tab.

Member activity

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