Introducing our new Memberful community!

The Memberful Community is organized in categories that describe each stage of the membership journey.

Several months ago, during a workshop, one of our customers shared with us that building a membership business “feels like the lonely job of the creator.” He and the other participants expressed how great it was to connect with each other, and how valuable it would be to have a place where they could ask for advice in building a membership business.

Just like this customer, many of you have wished to connect with others building their membership businesses. You want a dedicated space that allows you to tap into the shared wisdom of others, while unlocking new levels of success.

That’s where we come in! We’ve been working behind the scenes to build the community many of you have been requesting: We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Memberful Community!

We believe that building a sustainable membership business shouldn’t be a lonely journey. Having a community brings a sense of belonging and meaning. Not only can you find support, but you can offer support and guidance to others as well. As people continue to add membership to their business model, the need for a membership-focused community becomes necessary.

Connect over the unique experience of running a membership

Check out our community!

Our community allows Memberful customers to connect over the unique experience of running a membership business, while finding practical advice and receiving encouragement. The goal is to create a collaborative space for anyone building and scaling a membership site.

Do you want to network with others? Exchange ideas? Share a success story? Ask a question? Work together to solve a problem? Be inspired? This community is built for you!

Our Memberful community is meant to feel like an extension of your team and business.

Get support at every stage of the membership journey

As you explore the Memberful Community, you’ll find that it's organized in categories that describe each stage of the membership journey:

  • Why Membership - Discuss the power of membership and monetizing your passions.
  • Plan Your Membership - Learn how to create a strong foundation for your membership business.
  • Choose Your Tech Stack - Advice on what tools to use for newsletters, email, forums, podcast hosting, and more.
  • Launch Your Membership - Learn how to create a smooth onboarding experience, create promotions, and more.
  • Retain Your Membership - Learn how to keep existing members happy and engaged.
  • Grow And Scale Your Membership - Discuss best practices for marketing your membership, gaining referrals, raising your prices, and more.
  • Community - Connect with other membership builders.
  • Product Updates - Product updates and announcements.

Our goal is to make this easy for you to navigate. We want you to quickly and easily find the information and discussions you need.

The Memberful Community is organized in categories that describe each stage of the membership journey.

Yes, our community is brand new, but many have already started engaging by sharing their experiences and expertise. Business philosophies, book recommendations, knowing what kind of customer requests to prioritize, etc., are just some of the tips our community members have already shared.

Our customers are world-class experts at scaling their memberships, and the Memberful community is where you can connect and mastermind with one another. It’s also where you can share your expertise while encouraging others along the way.

If you're newer to membership, our community is built for you too! We invite you to use our community as a place to ask questions about membership. We can’t wait to have illuminating, value-added discussions around what it’s like to build a membership site with you all!

All you have to do is make your way to the Memberful Community, create an account, and start participating!

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