New feature: Sell group subscriptions to your members

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We’re excited to announce the release of one of our most-requested features– the ability sell group subscriptions to your customers! We're calling it Team Plans. Team Plans are memberships that contain multiple seats purchased and managed by a single account. They are a great solution for companies, groups, or schools that have a single point of contact but would like shared access for multiple people across their organization.

Team Plans make it easy for you to create Team Subscriptions and for your members to manage them. Plus, they allow you to grow your membership base by offering discounts for multiple memberships purchased together!

Many organizations have members that would love to share access to your content but find it difficult to purchase and manage on a per-account basis. With Team Plans, all of those memberships can be purchased and renewed in a single transaction—all renewing on the same schedule.

Less work for you, more control for your members

After purchasing a subscription to a Team Plan, the Plan Manager gains full autonomy to manage their own members. They get a unique link to invite members, with the option to require approval before joining. They can remove a member’s access at any time to regain an empty seat for a new member who might need it. A Plan Manager managing their members

Through your Memberful dashboard, you have the ability to allow additional seats to be purchased for a Team Plan subscription at a per-seat price that you specify. If you enable this setting, your members can then purchase additional seats for their team whenever the need arises! Depending on when in the renewal cycle they are purchased, the cost is prorated based on how much time remains before the next renewal date.

Externally paid subscriptions

For larger corporate or institutional members, in many cases these subscriptions aren’t able to be purchased through a traditional credit card checkout process (e.g an invoice needs to be submitted or the payment happens through a mailed cheque). With Team Plans—that’s no problem: You have the freedom to handle payments for those accounts in whichever way works best for you!

You can set specific subscriptions as “paid externally,” and we won’t attempt to charge a credit card on file. Simply input the payment you do receive into your Memberful dashboard and their access will be maintained just like any other subscription. Adding an external payment

External payments are not subject to our regular transaction fee, but there is a $.20 monthly charge for each externally paid seat that is actively filled by a member.

Getting started with Team Plans

Team Plans are available today for Memberful customers on the Premium plan. For more information about how this new feature works, check out our Team Plan help doc.

If you’re currently on our Pro or Starter plans—and are interested in seeing Team Plans in action—contact us to book a demo or to upgrade to the Premium plan.

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